You Can Find The Proof Of Evolution On Your Own Body

The human body is a museum, full of ancient relics that no one really needs. From your wisdom teeth to the strange way, some of us can move our ears, so much the way we ended up as humans reflects what our animal ancestors needed to survive.

Although Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has long been accepted by the scientific community, many people remain skeptical of the concept even today.

One possible explanation may be that our understanding of evolution is often filtered by heavy scientific jargon and seemingly abstract ideas. It is also possible that, like climate change, the concept of human evolution is hampered by opposing values.

An incredible video published by Vox on Youtube explains (skip to the end of article to watch the video) there are vestigial structures in our body that are actually “evolution’s leftovers.”

This means that we have body parts that have outlived their original purpose but are still part of us.

Signs of our evolutionary history can be found in the form of vestigial structures on the human body.

Watch Vox’s video to see more evidence of millions of years of evolution, on your own body.