Wildlife Photographer Captures A Goose That Was Flying Upside Down

Pictures of a dark-grey brown bean goose flying upside down are doing rounds on the internet leaving everyone amused.

Amateur photographer Vincent Cornelissen was photographing wildlife in March near the town of Arnhem in the Netherlands when he noticed the goose flying strangely in rough weather.

“The weather was bad, so I put on my waterproofs and sat with my back against a tree looking over a lake,” Cornelissen tells KJZZ. “I saw that one of the three had trouble flying in a straight line. He was having a hard time which I thought was because of the wind. He seemed to be struggling, so I took some pictures of him.

“I immediately realized that I had captured something special, but at the same time, I was afraid that no one would believe me. The image looked like it was edited in Photoshop.”