Wild Elephant Recognizes The Vet Who Treated Him 12 Years Ago

A wild elephant has recognized the vet who treated him 12 years ago in a heartwarming moment caught on camera.

A 31-year-old male elephant had an unexpected meeting with Dr Maneeon from Thailand. They met in 2009 when the elephant was found in trouble and taken directly to Meneeon.

The elephant was suffering from a fatal parasitic condition called trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness.

Dr Maneeon treated the elephant, which was “near death” and already suffered from symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, swelling and inflammation all over its body.

Thankfully he recovered and was released after several months.

Earlier this month, Dr Maneeon, while patrolling the same area where the elephant was recovered 12 years ago, recognized its distinctive sound.

When Dr. Maneeon saw the elephant, he waved to him, and to his surprise, the elephant pulled out its trunk to greet the doctor!