What You See First In This Picture May Reveal Your Subconscious Fear

Everyone is afraid of something, which can be related to a subconscious fear or arachnophobia. Some people are afraid of storms, some of spiders, some are afraid of the dark, and many other things.

Below, you can see “Butterfly Apple” by surrealist artist Vladimir Kush. What jumps out at you first?


People who first notice the knife in front of the apple are most afraid of a terminal illness.


People who notice butterflies first time have an inner fear, fearing that they will be betrayed.


People who saw the apple first are afraid of losing their loved ones. This fear is a common thing in people who have already lost someone they loved and never want to go through it again.


Those who notice the caterpillar first are afraid of malicious and evil spirits, also known as ghosts.