This Breeder Is Re-engineering French Bulldogs’ Faces To Make Them Healthier

A breeder in the Netherlands demonstrates their efforts to completely “reengineer” the face of the French Bulldog in an effort to make the breed healthier.

Passionate about the French Bulldog, Chantal van Kruining isn’t the only one who believes their rising popularity has led breeders to try and make dogs more attractive, putting their health at risk.

She seeks to spread an important message: “Breed for health. Not show.”

French Bulldogs have Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS), which means they have difficulty breathing and begin to gasp with their tongue sticking out even on a light walk.

The breed has a severe deformity of the skull due to years of breeding selection that deliberately makes their necks short and their nose and nostrils even shorter.