Someone Says First Steps On Moon Don’t Match Neil Armstrong’s Boots, Gets Shut Down With Facts

It was one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind. Although almost 50 years have passed since the Moon landing, there are some people that doubt whether it was real or not.

A new conspiracy, saying the footprints on the moon did not match those on the spacesuit, has emerged. Fortunately, people on the internet destroyed the moon landing denier with facts.

What sparked the conspiracy was a photo of the spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong in Apollo 11. Someone noticed that the soles of the spacesuit did not match the images of the footprint on the surface of the Moon. What conspiracy theorists didn’t know was that astronauts wore protective overshoes on their space suits. Plus, the imprint in the photo isn’t even Neil Armstrong’s – it’s Buzz Aldrin’s.

The overshoes provided extra protection from rips, tears, and dust to the basic spacesuits.

NASA says the footprint on the Moon will be there for a million years because there is no wind to drive it away. So, moon landing deniers can always go out there and check it out for themselves.