Science Shows How Having A Dog Is Beneficial For Your Health

Dogs are more than cuddly companions – research continues to show that pets provide real health benefits to their owners. Scientists have now found owning a dog can actually be beneficial for your physical health.

A study published in Nature, an International Journal of Science, analyzed the levels of physical activity in a community in West Cheshire, UK. The researchers studied a group of 191 dog owners and 455 non-dog owners.

The researchers found that dog owners were more physically active than non-dog owners.

In addition, several recent studies – including one from the University of Missouri in Colombia and another from Caledonian University in Glasgow in the UK – have found that adults aged 60 and over enjoy better health thanks to the “forced” exercise they do while walking their dogs.

The National Health Service recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. 87.3% of dog owners achieved this goal, compared to 62.7% of those without a furry friend, according to the report.