Photographer Waits 6 Months To Capture This Rare Black Panther Under The Stars

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has posted a series of photos showing an ultra-rare wild black panther under the starry sky. The photos took him 6 months to successfully capture.

Burrard-Lucas first successfully captured a black panther (the popular name for the African black leopard) on camera a few years ago after discovering it in Kenya. Considering how difficult it is to come across one of these special leopards, few photos of them exist.

“Photos combining animals with stars are quite challenging to achieve,” Burrard-Lucas writes. “It took six weeks to get a handful of images of hyena and lions under the stars in Zambia — and those animals were easy to find. It took a full month to get a single star photograph of a black rhino in a sanctuary full of rhinos.

© Will Burrard-Lucas

If you want to learn more about how Will got the shot, I highly recommend you check out his blog post.