People Are Sharing Vintage Photos Of Old-School Parenting That Wouldn’t Fly Today

Although the world might seem like a more dangerous place now, kids of previous generations had to make their own entertainment, learn to look after themselves from a younger age and take far more risks while doing so.

Me Back In 1991 Just Your Typical Aussie Kid Drinking Xxxxlight Beer(I Wasn’t Aloud Heavies Back Then) And Holding A Baby Crocodile

My Mother And Grandmother Demonstrating Safety Standards In The 1960s

If Your Mum Didn’t Lay On The Ground Making Herself Into A Ramp For Your New BMX, Did She Even Love You? 1980’s

California Marijuana Initiative Rally 1972. That’s Me In The Box And My Parents In The Picture

My Dad And His Veterinarian Mother, With Their Pet Lion Which They Raised For Two Years, 1959

Princess Yvonne And Prince Alexander In Germany, 1955

A Couple Ice Skating With Their Baby, 1937