People Are Sharing Their Crappy Wildlife Photos, And Here Are The Worst Ones

The group on Facebook is dedicated to worst wildlife photos, people share their worst photographs they have taken in this group.

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1. Bottoms Up!…might Get This One Printed On A Canvas

Ellen Hickey

2. The Time I Took A Picture Of Two American Goldfinches Through A Window Screen And It Came Out Looking Like A Cross Stitch

Ana Maria Vasconez

3. Aggressive Geese

Ki Choi

4. Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today…..

Emma Atticus Harper

5. What’s Your Problem?!

Jonica Palmer

6. Spent About 25 Minute Slowly Crawling On My Stomach Through Frozen Mud On A Cold Winters Morning, Lining Up The Perfect Shot For The Last Exposure On My Analogue Camera, After Standing Majestically For The Entire Time I Was Crawling, The Second I Take The Shot It Looks Directly At Me And Lets Out The Loudest Burp I’ve Every Heard

Sebastian Stern

7. I Knew There Were Raccoons In The Tree But I Couldn’t See What They Were Doing Until The Flash Came On/Pictures Came Out…

Lindsay Sletten

8. If 2020 Was An Eagle

David Chang

9. I’m New To This Group, Does This Count?

10. Was Supposed To Be A Pelican

Emma McAleese