People Are Sharing Random ‘Facts That Can Save Your Life’

Daily existence isn’t solely comprised of pleasant moments, cheerful images, and amusing cat memes. Neither is it solely the bleak and devoid-of-joy portrayal often depicted in the news. Life is intricate and multifaceted. This implies that you must be prepared to evade or endure the challenges that are certain to come your way. A component of this preparedness involves being knowledgeable about factors that could potentially safeguard your life. Being forewarned provides you with a defense, as the saying goes.

1. If a service dog comes up to you without its human, FOLLOW IT.

2. Fighting mental health sometimes requires medicine and counseling. Don’t be too proud or scared to seek help.

3. If someone breaks into your home and you use a bat to protect yourself, put a sock overtop of it so if they grab the bat, you can take it back because the sock will slide off.

4. If you ever find yourself buried in rubble and can’t get out, don’t yell. You’ll end up just wasting energy and losing your voice. What you should do is grab something and start tapping in intervals of three.

5. If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, that means it’s heading towards you.

6. A lot of backpacks have a hidden built-In whistle. The actual clip on many modern day backpacks that are meant for hiking or camping have that built-In whistle.

7.Crawl out of a burning building, breathing as close as possible to the floor as you move. Toxic smoke rises while air remains more breathable nearest the floor.

8. If the accelerator in your car gets stuck and you cannot stop, shift your car into neutral.

9. If you ever see square waves in the water, get out immediately. These waves have powerful currents under the water that can sweep you out and take you away.