Man Gives Up His Career To And Leaves For South Africa To Save Wild Animals From Poachers

In 2017, Dean Schneider, a successful young man from Switzerland, quit his job, sold everything he owned and moved to Africa on a mission to help animals in need. Here is his inspiring story to give some hope to humanity …

Dean says his family and friends weren’t supportive of him at first, but once they realized how important it was to him and how serious he was about it, they finally accepted his new way of life.

In South Africa, Dean started a project called Hakuna Mipaka which in Swahili means “no limits”. It is a large sanctuary that has become home to many abused animals: from captive-bred animals, to wild rescues, to wild roaming animals.

“Poachers sell the claws and teeth of animals on the black market, for reasons ranging from superstition to traditional medicine. And these are sold on the local market and in Asia,” says Dean.