Loyal Dog Waited In The Same Spot For 4 Years For His Owner After He Jumped From The Car

It is often said that the dog is man’s best friend. But the story of a very loyal dog in Thailand proves that a dog’s devotion to its owner ran much deeper than previously thought.

His owners accidentally left the poor dog near a gas station after he jumped from a moving car. From that day on, Leo never left that place and patiently waited four long years until the return of his family.

People tried to help Leo. A 45-year-old woman named Saowalak fed him as much as she could and took him home, but every time Leo escaped and was found in the same spot by the road.

Another concerned citizen took to social media to try to find Leo’s owners. In his post, he mentioned that the dog has been waiting four years for his lost owner.

The good folk of the internet shared the post and the real family of Leo found him.