Illustrator Draws How Would Humans Look If We Had Different Animals’ Bone Structures

Japanese artist Satoshi Kawasaki is incredibly imaginative and enjoys creating incredibly detailed and sometimes weird, even bizarre drawings.

#1 “Flamingos often stand on one leg and sleep with one leg standing. The flamingo’s body shape is also extreme, so I drew an illustration of a flamingo skeleton if a human poses while standing on one leg.”

#2 The horse has ‘lost’ all its fingers except for the middle one due to evolution.

#3 “The turtle’s skeleton is quite unique, and the shell is mostly made of a “thorax” such as a rib, with a scapula and pelvis in it. Based on this turtle skeleton, what would happen if you tried it on yourself? I drew a little picture.”

#4 “Often, the foot of animals is mistaken for an ankle as a knee, so I tried to draw what would happen if I made the human foot the bone base of another animal’s foot.”

#5 “There were many requests for a penguin applied to a human skeleton.”

#6 “Rabbits are always stooped, so it seems to put a lot of burden on your back when you stretch it.”