Here Are The Winners Of 2021 Bird Photographer Of The Year Awards

Here are the spectacular winning photos of bird photographer of the year 2021. The image of a roadrunner at the Mexico-USA border wall chosen as the Overall Winner.

‘Underwater Portrait’ by Felipe Foncueva (Gold)

Attention to Detail: ‘Disappearing’ by Rafael Armada (Gold)

Bird Behaviour: ‘Floral Bathtub’ by Mousam Ray (Gold)

Birds in Flight: ‘Thirsty’ by Tzahi Finkelstein (Gold)

Black and White: ‘Chinstrap Penguin’ by Renato Granieri (Gold)

Urban Birds: ‘Dipper on Shopping Trolley’ by Terry Whittaker (Gold)

‘Blocked’ by Alejandro Prieto. Overall Winner and Bird Photographer of the Year 2021