Flying Car Completes Test Flight Between Airports In 35 Minutes

A prototype flying car has completed the very first test flight between airports in Slovakia, taking off and landing in 35 minutes.

The car-airplane hybrid aircraft, AirCar, is equipped with a BMW engine and runs on regular fuel.

Its creator, Professor Stefan Klein, said it could travel about 1,000 km (600 miles), at a height of 8,200 feet (2,500 m), and had clocked up 40 hours in the air so far.

After landing in Bratislava on Monday, the aircraft transformed into a car, and was driven into the city center by Klein Vision CEO Stefan Klein and company co-founder Anton Zajac.

“AirCar is no longer just a proof of concept,” Zajac said in the press release. “It has turned science fiction into a reality.”

BBC quoted the company saying that the prototype has taken about two years to develop and cost “less than 2 million euros” in investment.