Entire Beach Came Together To Save Dozens Of Whales Who Washed Ashore

When people arrived at a beach in Saint Simons, Georgia expecting a relaxing summer day, they were shocked to find that an entire pod of pilot whales had washed up on the shore. The whales waded frantically, trying to get back to sea. There were somewhere between 40 and 50 whales lined up along the beach.

Concerned beachgoers, lifeguards and wildlife officials sprang into action, doing their best to maneuver the whales back into the water.

Without hesitation, the beachgoers dove into the water and began working together to try and push the whales back into the ocean before it was too late.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was quickly contacted and beachgoers continued to do their part as everyone waited for their arrival.

While beach goers should not return stranded animals to the water on their own without contacting a professional, as they often wash themselves because they are sick, in this case it was clear that the animals were probably healthy but lost since an entire pod washed ashore.