Elon Musk’s Reply To “He wasn’t able to get a job anywhere” Goes Viral

Elon Musk often uses Twitter to share various types of posts. If you’re someone who follows the tech billionaire on the site, you might know that he also takes the time to reply to some of the tweets about him.

Musk’s reply to a Twitter user Pranay Pathole has now gone viral.

“In 1995, @elonmusk wanted to work with an Internet company, he applied to work at Netscape, sent his resume, tried hanging out in their lobby, but he was too shy to talk to anyone. So he started his own Internet company (Zip2) as he wasn’t able to get a job anywhere,” Pathole wrote.

To which, the SpaceX CEO replied, “Could get a job, just not at an Internet company (weren’t many back then)”.