Elon Musk’s List Of Things To Do Before 2030 Is Incredible

49-year-old Musk has already founded massive technology companies, but he has a lot more in store if he is to complete his list of task. The guy really puts his money where his mouth is, so his future aims and ventures are very exciting to look at.


Hyperloop is essentially a metro, but the pod moves without air resistance or friction, making it super-fast (1,124 km/h).


Starlink satellites will provide Wi-Fi all over the world. These little stars are already floating in space around our planet. And you can see it with your own eyes!

Space Tourism

Elon Musk wants to make space tourism a thing. And it will be $35000 a night, if you are wondering (without any other additional costs).


Neuralink will literally connect humans to computers using neurotechnology. This company aims to manufacture devices that will treat serious brain diseases and brain damage. This technology will also be able to improve memory and decision-making abilities in the human brain.


Elon’s most desired goal is to colonize the Red Planet. He wants to warm it up, so it will be convenient for humans to live off it.