Colorado Welcomes First Litter Of Native Gray Wolves In 80 Years

After nearly 80 years without a new litter of wolves, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has announced that three Cubs have been spotted near Steamboat Springs.

The gray wolves and their offspring were first sighted by a wildlife biologist and district wildlife manager at CPW. The good news follows the decision to reintroduce gray wolves to the state last year.

“Colorado is now home to our first wolf litter since the 1940s,” Gov. Jared Polis said in a news release. “We welcome this historic den and the new wolf family to Colorado.”

With the passage of Proposition 114 last year, gray wolves will be reintroduced by the end of 2023 giving these new pups potential mates, Polis said.

“It’s incredible that these two adult animals have traveled the distance and overcome the challenges they have to get here, and to now have pups in Colorado,” said Kris Middledorf, area wildlife manager for CPW in a statement. “It’s our priority to ensure that they have the chance to thrive, so even as we have exciting news, we want to remind everyone that these animals remain endangered in Colorado.”