Chinese Zoo Denies Their Bear Is A Person In Bear Costume

A zoo located in the eastern part of China has refuted claims that its bears are actually humans dressed in costumes. This denial came after a video showing a Malayan sun bear standing upright like a human became widely shared on social media and led to speculation.

However, the zoo, situated in Zhejiang province, clarified that the bear is indeed a genuine bear species, albeit slightly smaller and distinct from the ones commonly seen.

“Some people think I stand like a human, and it seems that you don’t understand me that much,” Hangzhou Zoo wrote on its official social media account on Sunday from the perspective of the bear in the video, named Angela. “Previously, some tourists thought that I was too tiny to be a bear. I have to emphasize again: I am a Malayan sun bear! Not a black bear! Not a dog! A sun bear!” 

The footage displays the bear, named Angela, standing on its hind legs, and there appears to be an excess of sagging skin around its hindquarters, giving the impression of either extra skin or a loose bear suit. Moreover, Angela seemed to halfheartedly wave at the onlookers before casually walking away from the scene.