Camera Captures Adoring Eagle Doing Everything He Can To Please His Wife

In the lofty heights of Big Bear Valley, California, a majestic eagle named Jackie gracefully returned to her nest, closely followed by her partner, Shadow. This devoted eagle pair, experienced parents, seemed poised to prepare their nest, possibly in anticipation of a new clutch of eggs.

On this particular afternoon, Shadow had successfully secured himself a meal and was about to indulge when Jackie asserted her claim to the snack. The two engaged in a brief dispute, ultimately resulting in Jackie claiming the meal. Surely, she believed, “the one responsible for laying the eggs should enjoy the finest treats around here.”

“Jackie always gets her way,” remarked Sandy Steers, Executive Director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, who has become intimately acquainted with this eagle couple through the lens of their organization’s eagle camera. Over the years, this camera has offered nature enthusiasts a special window into the lives of these magnificent birds soaring high above. On Facebook, Steers regularly provides updates to eagle enthusiasts about their beloved pair, Jackie and Shadow. Their daily interactions, a blend of triumphs and squabbles, often strike a relatable chord.

Initially, Jackie had formed a bond with another eagle. However, when Shadow arrived, it was evident to Steers that he had captured Jackie’s heart. Eventually, Jackie’s original partner yielded to Shadow and departed. With the former mate out of the picture, Shadow and Jackie embarked on their shared journey. This turn of events was quite unusual, as eagles typically mate for life. However, the extraordinary connection between Jackie and Shadow was potent enough to inspire Jackie to find a new partner.

“This sounds weird, but you can tell that Jackie has a lot more respect for Shadow than she did for her previous mate,” Steers said.

Since joining forces, Jackie and Shadow have revealed their charming personalities. Followers have come to recognize Shadow as dependable and accommodating, while Jackie exudes a commanding presence, coupled with a generous heart.