Blind Elephant Starts Dancing As She Hears The Pianist Playing To Comfort Her (Video)

It is amazing to think how alike humans and animals can sometimes be and I’m not talking about physical appearance.

Animals continue to surprise us and inspire us with their mental capacity for things that we often find uniquely human. You know, things like emotion, empathy, the capacity for creativity and so on.

Believe it or not, but this cute blind elephant prefers to dance to classical music.

A British musician named Paul Barton dragged out a piano into the middle of an elephant sanctuary and started playing classical music to a blind elephant named Lam Duan.

The female elephant’s response? A pretty human one. She started rocking side to side, moving her trunk, and even walking as if to dance to the music.

Here is the full video of Lam Duan swaying side to side to the sound of classical music.