Best Photos Taken By NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

Curiosity rover first landed on Mars on August 6, 2012 and started carrying out its objectives throughout the years. In fact, Curiosity did its job so well and held on for so long that its original mission duration of 687 days was expanded indefinitely. 

Here’s how Curiosity looked 7 years ago and now

Sunset Sequence In Mars’ Gale Crater

Ripples On Surface Of Martian Sand Dune

Curiosity Rover Finds And Examines A Meteorite On Mars

Curiosity’s Color View Of Martian Dune After Crossing It

First Sampling Hole In Mount Sharp

Curiosity’s Dusty Selfie At Duluth

Martian Rock ‘Harrison’ In Color, Showing Crystals

Multiple Layers Of Mount Sharp

Getting To Know Mount Sharp

Wheel Scuff Mark At ‘Rocknest’

Jake Matijevic Rock

A Mudstone Rock Outcrop At The Base Of Mount Sharp

Curiosity Self-Portrait At Martian Sand Dune

Curiosity Took Dozens Of Mast Cam Images To Complete This Mosaic Of A Petrified Sand Dune

Strata At Base Of Mount Sharp

Curiosity Tracks In ‘Hidden Valley’ On Mars

Remnants Of Ancient Streambed On Mars

Mount Sharp Comes In Sharply

Curiosity Rover’s View Of Alluring Martian Geology