“Bee Whisperer” Rescues Live Beehive With Her Bare Hands

A Texas beekeeper has been dubbed a “Bee Whisperer” after a video of her picking up handfuls of bees to move them to a safer location was viewed by millions online.

Erika Thompson, a professional beekeeper, was called to a property that had beehives under the floor of a garden shed that had been there for at least 2 years. According to Thompson in her video, the owner wanted to call the exterminators – but the family who rented the property wanted to save the bees, so they contacted her.

The attentive beekeeper made sure to put the pieces of honeycomb in the new hive in the same order that the bees built them, so that they’re not disorientated in the new space.

Check out Thompson in action below.