After Seeing These 8 Maps, You May Not Look At The World The Same

The reason why some countries appear larger or smaller than others is due to something called the Mercator projection. Putting a 3D planet on a two-dimensional world map was a challenge for the early cartographers. So for better navigation the globe was projected on a grid of perpendicular parallels and meridians. But since the real area between two meridians is decreasing near the poles, the projection is distorted, because on the map the distances are equal.

US Moved Down Next To Australia Looks Unbelievably Small

Russia On The Equator Is Not A Giant Bear Anymore

Australia Covers Almost The Whole Of Europe

If Brazil Was In Asia It Would Be Massive

Indonesia Would Spread Almost Across The Whole Of Russia

Greenland Is Not So Big When Compared To USA And Brazil

California Moved Onto The UK Shows They’re Quite Similar In Size

China Placed On Top Of Russia