8 Photos That Serve As Evidence That Humans Aged Faster In The Past

Looking back at some old photos, we can’t help but notice how much older people used to look for their age.

“My grandparents, both 19 years old, in Poland, 1952”

“My great-great-grandfather in 1878 — he was 21 years old.”

These guys are only 17

“My parents are like 23 here.”

“Liz Taylor is 17 In this photo”

“My dad, 23 years old, on a hairy day in 1976”

“My father at age 25 — I think he looks super cool.”

1940 My Grandad (17 Years Old In Photo) At The Dublin Races With His Mother, My Great Grandmother.

The Rock At 16 Years Old. (1987)