8 Designers Who Deserve Awards For Doing An Amazing Job

Talented designers see the world differently from us. Gone are the days when all items and establishments were simple, standard and ordinary. Now designers are taking a very creative path to do their jobs.

1. This paper plane-shaped bench on the observation deck of an airstrip.

© p3dantic / reddit

2. This restaurant uses shadows to show men’s and women’s restrooms.

© Rook_Mozga / reddit

3. While the designers of the restroom signs in this cafe simply decided to turn the cup upside down.

© emilydickinsonsdress / reddit

4. The car of a barber.

© fiendish64 / reddit

5. This electric company has an electrical outlet outside of their building.

© bre1899 / reddit

6. A message in a bottle.

© Timtimgrimslimjim / imgur

7. This coffee mug doesn’t need a coaster.

© hehasntreddit / reddit

8. This specially designed plug doesn’t cover the neighboring electrical outlet.

© Joseph_Best_JoJo / reddit