8 Cool Dads Who Won At Being Fathers

Parenting is equally demanding for fathers as it is for mothers. However, fathers persevere and, alongside mothers, excel in the entire process of nurturing and raising their children.

Kids always come first under any circumstances.

Father and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart.

“My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

He tattooed it because his daughter passed away and it was the last thing she gave him before the accident.

He took his daughter to his graduation and 18 years later he proudly accompanied his daughter at her graduation.

“At the last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”

“My significant other holding our identical twin girls, born premature at 30 weeks, together for the first time.”

“My dad passed out after taking care of my sick brother all night.”