7 Real Photos That Don’t Require Photoshop To Make An Impression On You

In the age of technology, anyone can make an ordinary photo look breathtaking with the help of Photoshop. However, the most valuable images are those that were captured with perfect timing and at the right angle.

Ice suspended off trees after winter flooding

© moonshineandromance / imgur

“This tree was struck by lightning”

© zuki500 / reddit  

A sunken ship in Antarctica

© Unknown / imgur

I took pictures of fireworks and ended up with a “nebula.”

© SpicyEpiduralPorkpie/reddit

An earthquake in Taiwan

© visionarygirl/reddit  

Graffiti creating a transparent wall

© chocolat_ice_cream / reddit

The reflections of ceiling lights appear to be alien ships descending on Shreveport.

© SoVeryKerry / reddit