7 Photos Comparing The Same People As Young Adults And 100-Year-Olds

Opava-based photographer Jan Langer captured sentimental portraits of elderly Czech people for his photo series, “Faces of Century.” He then compared the pictures when they were young, and when they were over 100 years old.

More info: janlanger.net

Antonín Kovář, 25 Years Old (Bandmaster Of His Own Band), 102 Years Old

Marie Fejfarová, Her Personal History Was Burnt; On The Right 101 Years Old

Vlasta Čížková, 23 Years Old (Finished Girl High School), 101 Years Old

Marie Burešová, 23 Years Old (Wedding), 101 Years Old

Antonín Baldrman, 17 Years Old (Skilled Locksmith), 101 Years Old

Prokop Vejdělek, 22 Years Old (Oath Of Enlistment), 101 Years Old

Anna Pochobradská, Around 30 Years Old, 100 Years Old

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