7 People Who Regretted Asking Korean Photoshop Masters For Help

Do you have a picture that you want Photoshopping, you might want to hit up these Korean guys.

Their Facebook page is called We Do Phoshop, but as you can see from their hilarious photos, THEY decide what they “do” with it!

#1 Please Make It Look Like I’m A Hero In A War Battle

#2 Make It Look Like A Group Of Scary People Are Chasing Me

#3 It’s Awkward To See People Posing With The Statues. Make A More Dynamic Pose Please

#4 Please Make This Picture Look More Dangerous

#5 I Don’t Like That I’m Not Wearing A Uniform. Please Add It

#6 I Took A Picture Of The Jump, But The Underwear Was Lightly Exposed. Can You Remove It?