6 Lesser-Known Historical Facts To Mess With Your Perception Of Time

When we try to put historical events into perspective, we often divide things in a simplistic way between “old times” and “modern times”, because our brain can often have trouble with the concept of time.

But what happens when things that you would consider to belong to the contemporary world are actually much older than we think?

Orville Wright Was Still Alive When Hiroshima And Nagasaki Were Bombed (1945)

Eiffel Tower Was Inaugurated In 1889 For The World’s Fair, Which Was The Same Year Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ Was Painted

Charlie Chaplin Died In 1977, The Same Year Apple Was Incorporated

Marilyn Monroe And Queen Elizabeth Were Born In The Same Year. Here They (Both 30 At The Time) Meet At A Movie Premier In London In October 1956

Harriet The Tortoise, Who Died In 2006, Had Seen Charles Darwin In Person

Woolly Mammoths Were Still Alive While Egyptians Were Building The Pyramids (2660 BCE)