6 Jobs That Are So Tough, You’ll Be Grateful For Your Office Life

Sulfur mining in Indonesia, the Kawah Ijen Volcano


Kawah Ijen volcano is located in Jawa and its height is 8,530 feet. Inside an active vent of the volcano, there is a sulfuric lake. The workers are locals who work without protective clothing or gas masks. They extract lumps of sulfur all day and night, using their own hands and a handkerchief that helps them not to breathe in harmful substances. Each worker receives less than $ 5 per day.

Diamond mining, Sierra Leone

Diamond mining in Sierra Leone is a dirty business. The total value of diamonds mined in the country is said to be $ 320 million, but workers are not getting much

Salt mining, Ethiopia


The temperature in the desert can rise up to 125 ° F, so this place is considered one of the hottest in the world.

Electricians working at high heights

Crime scene cleaners

They have to remove blood stains from walls, floors, beds and even remove corpses. The hardest part of their job is the smell.

Just an normal working day somewhere in the Arctic