59-Year-Old Declining Chimp Recognizes Her Former Caretaker’s Voice And Has The Purest Reaction

Chimpanzees are intelligent animals that resemble humans in many ways and there can even be bonds between chimps and humans. Watch how this emotional reunion between this animal and its former keeper is a testament to an unusual but important friendship.

Mama, a former matriarch of a colony of chimps at Royal Burgers Zoo in Holland, was refusing food from keepers until being visited by professor Jan van Hooff, whom she had known since 1972.

Mama opens her arms up in an adorable moment of pure joy when she sees the professor, who set up the chimp colony she had been living in.

She screeches with happiness and he cradles her in her final days.

The zookeepers were happy that she got to have a sort of goodbye with her former caregiver. Watch the emotional reunion in the video below: