50-100 Years Old Photos Showing How Much Life Has Changed Over Time

A Native American Girl Of The Kiowa Tribe, Oklahoma, 1894

This 1955 Photo Is One Of Walter Chandoha’s Most Famous Shots. “My Daughter Paula And The Kitten Both ‘Smiled’ For The Camera At The Same Time. …but The Cat’s Not Smiling, He’s Meowing”

Protesting The High School Dress Code That Banned Slacks For Girls, Brooklyn C.1940

Dad Showing Off His Skill To The Surprise Of His Little Daughter In Melbourne, Australia, Ca. 1940s

London’s First Black Police Officer, PC Norwell Roberts, On Point Duty Near Charing Cross Station, 1968

My Parents’ Wedding Photo, Okinawa, 1964

Cats Blackie & Brownie Catching Squirts Of Milk During Milking At Arch Badertscher’s Dairy Farm In Fresno, California, 1954