5 Lesser Known Facts That Might Save Your Life

Below are some crucial pieces of information you probably had no idea would prove to be so important during an emergency.

5. You can ask Siri to call an ambulance for you in an emergency.

4. Do not eat snow no matter how desperate you are for water.

In a scenario where you are stuck in the woods and surrounded by snow, you might be desperate to find water. During such times, people may consider eating snow, but in reality it can lead to further dehydration as your body has to use body heat to melt the snow once you eat it.

3. In an emergency, if you are in desperate need of AA batteries, but can only find AAA, then use some foil to fill the gaps.

2. Square wave systems might look beautiful, but they hide powerful currents underneath.

Square wave systems, or as they are scientifically called, Cross Sea, is a phenomenon caused when waves from certain weather systems continue to exist even though the wind has shifted.

1. This octopus has enough venom to kill 26 adults at once.

Despite its very small size, the blue-ringed octopus is one of the most deadly marine animals on the planet. It is true that its venom can kill a total of 26 adult humans in a matter of minutes.