5 Archaeological Discoveries That Were Totally Accidental

The Derinkuyu underground city

In 1963, a man found an unusual wall structure behind a room in his house. Behind that wall, a whole passage of tunnels was found which is now popularly known as The Derinkuyu Underground City.

The Grauballe Man

It was a normal bog where workers were digging for peat, when suddenly one of the workers realized that his spade had not touched the peat but something else. It ended up being the Grauballe Man’s mummy, and his hair and nails were intact even after centuries.

A giant Woolly mammoth

Michigan farmer James Bristle was just digging holes for drainage when he hit something special. His discovery turned out to be the skeletal remains of a woolly mammoth!

The Xian Terracotta Army

In Xian, a giant collection of terracotta warrior sculptures surround the tomb of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. They have been there for over 2,200 years! But they were discovered by a Chinese farmer about a quarter of a century ago.

Sea of Galilee boat

The remains of the so-called “Jesus’ boat” were discovered in the Sea of ​​Galilee by fishermen brothers in 1986. The vase resembles those mentioned in the Gospels.

Bonus: Horse and chariot pits in Zhou Dynasty tomb

Scientists and archaeologists believe that this burial pit belonged to one of the noble families of Zheng State (806-375 BC). The magnitude of this find is commendable, as witnessed by the diggers of the tomb led by Ma Juncai.